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Rosh HaShana - Sept. 18-20, 2020

09/18/2020 02:22:56 PM


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Complete Rosh HaShana Schedule
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Shabbat / Rosh HaShana Davening Schedule:
Friday, Sept. 18 - Erev Rosh HaShana
Selichot: 6:00 am Shacharit 7:00 am
Candle Lighting: 6:37pm
Mincha 6:40pm
Shabbat, , Sept. 19 - Rosh HaShana 1st day
Shacharit: 8:00am
Torah for Tots (ages 0-K5) at the Kalmar’s: 4:00pm 
Mincha: 6:35 pm    Maariv: 7:15 pm 
Note: No preparations for second night Yom Tov meal can be made until after 7:35 pm
Kiddush – after 7:35 is Yaknehaz – and a partial havdallah is made over a flame
Sunday, Sept. 20 - Rosh HaShana 2nd day
Shacharit: 8:00 am
Shofar blowing at TAM* parking lot: 1:30pm
*TAM is at the Northeast corner of Green Bay and Green Tree.  Please keep socially distant from others and wear masks
Mincha: 6:05pm
Tashlich (Shofar: 6:40pm) at Kletzsch Park Waterfall: 6:30pm
Maariv: 7:25pm
Havdalah: 7:34pm (No Candle or Spices)
Monday, Sept. 21 – Tzom Gedaliah
Fast begins: 5:13am
Selichot 6:30am Shacharit 7 am
Mincha: 6:20pm     Fast Ends: 7:20pm
Shabbat Party-To-Go!
If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat-Party-To-Go for the kids ($100) please email to let us know.
If you would like to sponsor a Kiddush To Go in the future, email the shul at  to arrange to sponsor cookies, pastries, kugels or something else to go.   We may not be able to have kiddush together yet, but this is a way to celebrate or honor or remember together.  Cost will depend on the item you want to have in your Kiddush-To-Go but will run approximately $100-$200.

We will continue to send instructions/suggestions for davening at home for those who will still be davening at home.
Click Here for the Guide to Davening at Home
Week Day Davening Tuesday-Friday
Shacharit: Selichot: 6:35am 7:00am Shacharit
Mincha / Maariv: Tuesday-Thurs.: 6:30pm Friday: 6:25 pm
Sign up for this week’s davening by clicking here
Next Friday, September 25 Shabbat Shuva
Candle Lighting: 6:24pm, Mincha: 6:25 pm
Eruv Status:
The Eruv is checked every Friday and was checked last Friday, September 11th and was up.  To check the Eruv Status at any time, go to
Learning and Spiritual Opportunities
Rabbi Kalmar’s Rosh HaShana Message will be sent out tomorrow
Click here to see the full Schedule and List of who is davening at which minyan
Click here to see a guide to which pages to read for those davening at home.

Amud Yomi:  Mon.-Fri: (6:10 am on Monday for Tzom Gedalia and 6:15am Tuesday-Friday this week of Selichot):  via free conference call - just call (712) 451-0253 and enter 911849# to join.
Machzorim Return
Rosh HaShana Machzorim please return them at the end of Rosh HaShana so we can put them away.  If you need help getting access to the lobby, please email
Minyan Sign Ups: We need your help to make all the minyanim happen!
Sign up here for weekday minyanim for this week.
Lulav and Esrog Purchase – we will be sending out information about how to purchase your lulav and esrog next week.
ASKT Chavrutah Program: Would you like to study Torah with a partner in the ASKT community? If you are interested in learning with someone via phone, zoom or perhaps in person (we will leave that up to you to work out with your learning partner) please email, and let us know. Also, let us know what you are interested in studying with a partner and how often. Studying Torah (whether it is Tanach (Bible), Halacha (Halacha), Talmud, Mishna, Hashkafa (Jewish thought), Mussar (ethics), or some other area) is edifying, it's interesting, it's challenging, it's life changing, it's a mitzvah and it is what has kept us Jews alive and kicking for so long. This is for men and women of all ages and all skill levels. No learning matches will be made without consulting with all parties first. We will be pairing up men to learn with men and women to learn with women.
Teen Programming
Fireside Chats with Rabbi Kalmar – at the Kalmar’s beach for a bonfire
Sunday, October 18 at 6:30pm for Girls, 7th-12th grades “What is Love? - in Judaism”
Sunday, October 25 at 6:30pm for Boys, 7th-12th grades “What is a Hero? - in Judaism”
Kids Programming
Shabbat, Rosh HaShana, Sept 17th 4 pm at the Kalmars – Torah for Tots – Rosh HaShana Version – socially distanced in the Kalmar’s driveway – story time and celebrate the Holiday!
Shabbat, Oct. 3 – Socially Distanced Sukkah Hop at the Kalmars
Thank You
High Holiday Seating Committee: Steve Baruch, Travis Gaines, Peggi Glaser, Rabbi Kalmar, Jeanette Peckerman, and Phyllis Robbins
Community Events / Announcements
Chabad CAREs - Kids Wellness Initiative – You can still sign up to receive packages, NOTE: those people without children can sign up for milk and a produce box. Click Here to sign up. This form must be filled out by 4:00 PM on Monday, September 21st. Next pick up is September 24.
JewishMilwaukee Announces!  WhatsApp Group: This group serves as a place for local organizations and businesses to share information with the greater Milwaukee Jewish Community. Click Here to Sign up to be a part of this WhatsApp group
QuicKosher: To contact Quickosher with any questions, comments, or special requests. WhatsApp/Call/Text: 414-301-1625 or 414-502-8063, Email: to order go to: Delivers to Glendale will take place weekly on Sunday evenings 6:30pm - 10:00pm. Orders are needed by 6:00am on Sunday morning. Free delivery on orders $75 or more. Orders less than $75 will be subject to a $10 delivery charge. NEW products added often, stay up to date with the WhatsApp group by clicking here to join the group
WhatsApp group for Information about Kosher food at Metro Market: Click Here to Join the Group
Shabbat Nach Yomi: (Shabbat, September 19): Jeremiah 42
Today’s Daf Yomi: (Friday, September 18): Eruvin 40
Good Shabbos / Shabbat Shalom / Good Yom Tov!
Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782