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Weekly Bulletin Parshat Noach -- October 23 / 24, 2020

10/23/2020 04:14:46 PM


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Parshat Noach
October 23 / 24, 2020

Shabbat Davening Schedule
Friday, Oct. 23
Shacharit: 7:00am
Candle Lighting: 5:37pm, Mincha: 5:40 pm

Shabbat, Oct. 24
Shacharit: 9:00am (Shema: 9:56am)
Mincha: 5:15pm, Havdallah: 6:37pm, Maariv: 6:45pm
Kiddush Levanah: The final time for the sanctification of the New Moon of MarCheshvan is the night following Saturday, Oct. 31, until 8:45 p.m.
ASKT's Shabbat In Shul/At Home Guide to Davening
(Please try to Daven at the Same Time as the Community)
NOTE: Page numbers are taken from the Artscroll RCA Siddur

Friday, October 23
Mincha (5:40pm) - Ashrei (232) Amidah (234) and Aleinu (252)

Kabbalat Shabbat (308) at Home.  Make sure to dress up nice and to sing!!  Pick a nice tune or two for Lechah Dodi. (316).
(Those at home) skip Bameh Madlikin (322) and go straight to Maariv (330). (No Barchu is said) We say the paragraph of Vayechulu (346) and then skip the next three paragraphs and say Aleinu (350) and Vayigdal (12)
Friday Night Meal – Make sure to sing and give divrei Torah! Shalom Aleichem (354), Aishet Chayil (358), and Kiddush (360) followed by HaMotzi.
Shabbat, October 24
We will have a 9:00am full davening on the patio / downstairs.
For Those Davening at Home:
Shacharit: daven at 9:00am (Shema should be recited before 9:56am)
Following Shacharit – the parsha of Noach can be read from a Chumash.
Haftorah for Parshat Noach (Isaiah 54:1 - 55:5)
Back to the Siddur – You could now say the mi-Shebeirach for the ill (442) and the mi-Shebeirach for Tzahal (444). Remember to say the first Yekum Purkan (448) only. Remember to say the prayers for the government and the State of Israel (450).
We say Av HaRachamim and Ashrei (456) which is followed by the Mussaf Amidah (462).
I recommend singing Ein Keilokeinu (476), Aleinu (480), (Anim Zemirot is not recited without a minyan) Shir Shel Yom (488), and Adon Olam (12).
Kiddush (492) and Festive Shabbat meal (remember to sing and give divrei torah).
Mincha: (in-person 5:15pm) (502) Ashrei and Uva Litzion.  Followed by Amidah for Mincha Shabbat (514).
Seudah Shelishit – Third Meal

Maariv (256). Remember to add the special insertion in the blessing of binah as part of the Amidah (268).  We say Vihi Noam (p. 594) followed by Aleinu (280)
Havdallah (618): at 6:37pm, Say Baruch HaMavdil bein Kodesh Lichol and then you can drive to shul for our 6:45pm minyan.
Rabbi Kalmar’s Message for Parshat Noach, coming to your inbox!
Weekend Programming
Kids Adon Olam Jam Session - approximately 11am to 11:15am at shul for the kids, Oct. 24 - Come and Dance in Place with a plush torah (bring your own or get one at shul) to Adon Olam at the end of davening and get a lollipop and hear a story from Rabbi Kalmar.  Kids may bring their parents as well.  Socially distanced, masked and on the patio or in the social hall depending on the weather and your family preference. 
Oct. 24 at 4:00pm at ASKT, 4th-8th grade girls group led by Leah Gaines & Adina Pullin
Fireside Chat with Rabbi Kalmar – at the Kalmar’s beach for a bonfire
Sunday, October 25 at 6:30pm for Boys, 7th-12th grades “What is a Hero? - in Judaism”
Weekday Programming

Amud Yomi: Sun.-Fri: Sun., 7:30am, Mon-Fri.: 6:30am, via free conference call - just call (712) 451-0253 and enter 911849# to join.
Your questions on the pandemic answered!  Zoom session for the Milwaukee Community with Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt October 26th at 7:30 pm.  To Register for the program go to or email Only those registered for the program will be able to attend. Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and is currently Chairman of Medicine and Hospital Epidemiologist at South Nassau Communities Hospital, and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. He is also a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America.  Rabbi Dr. Glatt has been a frequent speaker and advisor regarding the pandemic for the OU, the Agudah, and is the director of Halacha and Medicine Commission for the Igud Rabbonim.  Rabbi Dr. Glatt has been one of the go-to individuals for the Orthodox Jewish community as it has tried to navigate the re-opening of shuls and schools and now he is bringing his expertise to Milwaukee.
Rabbi Kalmar's Lunch and Learn: Tuesday, October 27 at 12:15-12:55pm. One need not to have participated in previous classes to join.  We are studying the Book of Shmuel Bet again this year and picking up where we left off in the middle of the rebellion of Avshalom.  To Join on Zoom at 12:15pm email

Ladies Tehillim for Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan: Tuesday, October 27 at 7:30pm On zoom
New Weekly Exploring the Weekly Parsha Class with Rabbi Kalmar. This class will be starting this week and is open to all levels – Wednesday, October 28 at 10:15am - on zoom and in person in the social hall


Kiddush To Go is sponsored this week by Karen Loeb in honor of the Glasers, Peckermans and Katzoffs

If you would like to sponsor a Kiddush To Go in the future, email the shul at  to arrange to sponsor cookies, pastries, kugels or something else to go.  If you would like to order Kiddush-to-Go, please plan ahead as it takes longer to order. We may not be able to have kiddush together yet, but this is a way to celebrate or honor or remember together.  Cost will depend on the item you want to have in your Kiddush-To-Go but will run approximately $100-$200. 

ASKT Shabbat Party-To-Go! If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat-Party-To-Go for the kids ($100) please email to let us know.
Week Day Davening
Shacharit: Mon.- Fri.: 7:00am, Sun.: 8:00am
Mincha: Sun-Thurs will be 5:35pm, Sign up for this week’s davening by
clicking here
Next Friday, October 30
Shacharit: 7:00am
Candle Lighting: 5:27pm, Mincha: 5:30pm
Eruv Status: The Eruv is checked every Friday and was last checked October 16th and was up.  To check the Eruv Status at any time, go to
ASKT Directory: We are working on the new directory. If you would like to make changes to your information please email: Did you get rid of your home phone? Do you have a new email address? Did you move? Would you like to include your cell phone(s)?
Minyan Sign Ups: We need your help to make all the minyanim happen!
Sign up here for weekday minyanim for this week.
ASKT Chavrutah Program: Would you like to study Torah with a partner in the ASKT community? If you are interested in learning with someone via phone, zoom or perhaps in person (we will leave that up to you to work out with your learning partner) please email, and let us know. Also, let us know what you are interested in studying with a partner and how often. Studying Torah (whether it is Tanach (Bible), Halacha (Halacha), Talmud, Mishna, Hashkafa (Jewish thought), Mussar (ethics), or some other area) is edifying, it's interesting, it's challenging, it's life changing, it's a mitzvah and it is what has kept us Jews alive and kicking for so long. This is for men and women of all ages and all skill levels. No learning matches will be made without consulting with all parties first. We will be pairing up men to learn with men and women to learn with women.
Teen Programming:
Fireside Chats with Rabbi Kalmar – at the Kalmar’s beach for a bonfire
This Sunday, October 25 at 6:30pm for Boys, 7th-12th grades “What is a Hero? - in Judaism”
NOTE: Fireside Chat for girls is rescheduled for Sunday, November 1st at 5:30pm
Community Events / Announcements
CTEENU Earn college credits in high school through cteen and Yeshiva University.  Run by Rabbi Avremi Schapiro.  Go to for more info.
Agudah of Illinois and Chabad CAREs - Kids Wellness Initiative – You can still sign up to receive packages, those people without children can sign up for milk and a produce box. Click Here to sign up.

QuicKosher: To contact Quickosher with any questions, comments, or special requests. WhatsApp/Call/Text: 414-301-1625 or 414-502-8063, Email: to order go to:
Hannah’s Kitchen: Check out  for Hannah’s Kitchen weekly themed meals, every Tuesday Hannah’s Kitchen themed meals orders are due. Check out  each week for Hannah’s Kitchen Shabbat meals. Every Wednesday the Shabbat menu orders are due. Glendale pick-up for themed meals are Wednesdays and Shabbat menus are to be picked-up Thursdays.

Ferrrantes at the JCC: Ferrantes at the JCC has decided not to open for Kosher Kurbside pick-up at the JCC for the month of October.
JewishMilwaukee Announces!  WhatsApp Group: This group serves as a place for local organizations and businesses to share information with the greater Milwaukee Jewish Community. Click Here to Sign up to be a part of this WhatsApp group
Shabbat Nach Yomi: (Shabbat, Oct. 24): Ezekiel 25
Today’s Daf Yomi: (Friday, Oct. 23): Eruvin 75

Good Shabbos / Shabbat Shalom!

Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782