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Two Minutes of Inspiration

10/08/2021 11:41:01 AM


Rabbi Wes Kalmar

Sometimes two minutes is all we need.

 There can be lots of reasons to feel down or defeated: The news, the weather, and all manner of life’s pitfalls and roadblocks…

 But sometimes all we need is a change in perspective, or to see something amazing, or to have a reason to smile to turn things around.

 So I’m starting a new WhatsApp group called “Two Minutes of Inspiration”.  I don’t claim to have any special insights into inspiration.  But I get a lot of emails, and I see a lot of great Torah and many inspiring stories, ideas and news cross my ‘desk’. 

 And by committing to sharing inspiration I hear with others, it will inspire me to look for hope and goodness and the best of life and to lift myself up as well.   So please feel free to share your sources of inspiration with me so I can share them with others.

Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782