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Glendale Eruv Status as of April 12, 2024: The eruv is up.  The Eruv is checked every Friday and the website is updated weekly.

Approximate boundaries for the eruv are as follows...

East boundary: I-43

North boundary: Brown Deer Road

West boundary: diagonal direction of Wisc Energy Towers and Lines that parallel Railroad right of way east of Teutonia.

South boundary: Railroad line trestle and hill just north of Bender Rd, near Mill rd.

The Bayside Eruv and Glendale Eruv no longer connect even though they are close to one another.  For more info about the Bayside Eruv click here.

The Rav HaMachshir for the Glendale Eruv is Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, Rosh Kollel of the Milwaukee Kollel


Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784