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Glendale congregation celebrates all things cholent!

Wes Kalmar (left) prepares his Packer Nation cholent as his competitor Ouri Marciano tries to sneak a peek.

March Madness may be over, but Cholent Madness goes on.

That's cholent, as in the Jewish comfort food that is quite literally a melting pot of ingredients, a meat stew that cooks for hours (and we do mean hours) in a slow cooker.

Last year, Congregation Anshe Sfard Kehillat Torah in Glendale started a friendly competition for best cholent, held on a single day after Saturday services.

This year, the new rabbi, Wes Kalmar, embraced an idea of contest commissioner Michael Tepper to restructure it NCAA-style, with brackets and semifinals that ultimately will have stretched out the cooking and voting process over three months. Read More

Tue, February 20 2018 5 Adar 5778