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Sponsor a Kiddush at ASKT

In order to sponsor a kiddush, check the list of available dates below, email: to reserve your date.
Then please, let us know:
Do you want a pareve, meat, or dairy kiddush?
Let us know which 2 salads, which protein, which side, which hot dish, which type of chips, which type of beverage and which dessert you would like. Or do you have a replacement that you would prefer instead of one of the suggestions listed below?
Do you want any add-ons?
Do you have a specific recipe that you would like used?
Does anyone in your family / your guests have any allergies that we need to be aware of?

Kiddush Dates - 2021 / 5781

Seudah Shelishit Dates - 2021 / 5781

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782