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Tefilla Tidbits - Laws of Daily Prayers

Episode 105 - When the Chazzan can skip the silent Amidah and it counts:



Episode 104 - Using Chazaras HaShatz as your Amidah:



Episode 103 - Why we do the repetition:



Episode 102 - Proper behavior when your Amidah is finished:



Episode 101 - Shaliach Tzibbur taking three steps back when others are davening directly behind him and one who is in a wheelchair:


Episode 15: Between Yishtabach and Yotzer

Episode 14: Interruptions in Davening for Borchu

Episode 13: Borchu

Episode 12: If you forgot to say the blessings on the Torah, Elokai Neshama, or the Morning Blessings

Episode 11: Skipping Some Pesukei DiZimrah Part 3

Episode 10: Skipping Some Pesukei DiZimrah part 2

Episode 9: Skipping Some of Pesukei DiZimrah Part 1

Episode 8: How early can you say Pesukei DiZimrah?

Episode 7: When to Stand in Pesukei Dizimrah

Episode 6: Interrupting Pesukei DiZimrah for Shema or an Aliyah

Episode 5: Saying a Brocha during Pesukei DiZimrah

Episode 4: "Answering Amein During Pesukei DiZimrah"

Episode 3: Answering “Amein” during Baruch SheAmar and Yishtabach

Episode 2: "Talking During Pesukei DiZimrah"

Episode 1: "Laws of Pesukei Dizimra 1"

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784