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Get to know...Bob Rabinoff

Born: New York City on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5709

Married: in New York in my parents' apartment on 12-23-1973.  I had just returned from Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training, and my mother A"H was ill with what turned out to be terminal colon cancer, so it was a very small affair - 14 people including us.

We immediately headed to Oregon to meet her family, then back to Tucson where I finished my PhD in 1975.

We divorced in 1989.  I was with my friend Marie after that, and was her primary caregiver once she became bedridden (chronic-progressive MS) until she died in 2014.

Joseph - born 2-21-81.  He and wife Kirsten are Math professors at Duke, and parents of Theo, 4, Alma, 2, and as-yet-unnamed girl due 3-1-2021 IY"H.

Daniel - born 4-23-1984.  He is working as a data analyst for a large furniture company in Winnipeg. He ha a PhD in philosophy from U of Toronto. Wife Elena is finishing her PhD in Philosophy.

Eve - born 4-23-1984, also has PhD in Philosophy from Boston College, works as volunteer coordinator for CASA of Madison and Clark Counties, KY.  Partner Eric is Assoc Prof of Philosophy at U of KY.

Shoshanah - born 4-23-1984, is a nurse working Labor and Delivery in Palo Alto.  Husband Erik is a Major, USMC Reserves and is finishing a PsyD.  Parents of Nathaniel, 8 and Thea, 6.

Member of ASKT since: Feb 2017

ASKT roles/committees: Currently co-Treasurer with David Hallerman and a member of the Executive Committee.

Hobbies: mostly trying to catch up on all the reading I've had piled up for some time.

Professions: I was trained as a Physicist and taught physics at Maharishi International University for 9 years, until the triplets were born in 1984.  After that I mostly wrote custom software for the financial services and telecom industries.  I did that until Marie died in 2014, then got recertification to teach TM.  After attempting, unsuccessfully, to move to Winnipeg to teach with my kids' mom, it was decided that I move to Milwaukee.  ASKT was a main reason for my relocation here.
My students used to say "learning from Bob is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant."  Now you know why.

Get to know...Phyllis Lensky

Born: in Milwaukee 5/17/1936

Married: Harry Lensky, o’bm  Year: 1959  What city?: Milwaukee

 Children: Roberta Newman,  who lives in Toronto

                Mark (Melech) , a rabbi who is a Chaplain at Froedtert Hospital

 Member of ASKT since: 2010

 ASKT Roles/Committees: Served  on a variety of committees, most recently Education. Originated and implemented the first synagogue annual calendar. Member of the Board of ASKT.

 Hobbies: Love to read and learn. Participate in adult education classes both secular and religious. Member of a writing group for many years and have developed many memoir pieces.

 Professions: Trained as an Occupational Therapist and practiced for several years. Spent 10 years at UWM School of Nursing as a program developer and facilitator for nursing continuing education courses,seminars, short courses and conferences in co-ordination  with the School of Nursing faculty.

Phyllis called me (Rabbi Kalmar) to add this to her ASKT interview: "Rabbi, I feel just terrible – I forgot one of the most important things about ASKT in terms of sense of the community – 5 years ago when I was so ill: they were just Johnny on the spot when I came home from the hospital.  People brought meals, they took me to doctor’s appointments, they stopped in to visit.  I was overwhelmed by the assistance and the caring that was demonstrated during that time. ASKT is what I call a caring community. And that’s something I really wanted to get across. There were so many things going through my head that I wanted to say and I forgot one of the most important ones."

"Get to know...the Pullins"

Born in:

· Inna:  Minsk, USSR

· Eric: New York

Married in (city): Skokie         What year?: 1997



· Avi, age 18.  Graduated Ida Crown Jewish Academy.  Currently at Yeshivat Torah V’Avodah, Jerusalem.

· Adina, age 16.  Junior at Torah Academy of Milwaukee

· Ariella, age 13.  7th grade at Bader Hillel Academy


Member of ASKT since: Shavuot 1998


ASKT roles/committees:

· Inna: variously board secretary and exec board member and miscellaneous volunteer at large

· Eric:  previous vice president and miscellaneous volunteer



· Inna: reading, cooking

· Eric: reading, cigars



· Inna: Attorney

· Eric: Professor, Carthage College; social studies teacher, Torah Academy of Milwaukee, lecturer, Teaching American History, Ashbrook Center.

"Get to know...the Kleimans"

Born in:

  • Mara:  Milwaukee (Mt. Sinai Hospital)
  • Matt: Lake Charles, LA, grew up in St. Louis
Married in (city):  Milwaukee         What year?: 2012
2 Sons, 1 Dog: 
  • Rafi: Age 2
  • Ari: Age 1
  • Elle: the Doodle
Member of ASKT since:   August 2014
ASKT roles/committees:
  • Mara: Board Secretary, Young Children's Programming, Women's Rosh Chodesh Tehillim Group,  Charidy Fundraiser
  • Matt: general volunteer
  • Mara: Singing, Guitar, Walking in Nature, Being with Friends
  • Matt:  fishing, baseball, Badger athletics, cooking, outdoors, 
  • Mara:  Jewish Studies Teacher, Hebrew Teacher, Bnai Mitzvah Tutor, Jewish Music/Ruach Facilitator 
  • Matt:  licensed attorney and securities broker, manage Wisconsin and St. Louis Israel Bonds campaigns

"Get to know....the Glasers"

Born in: 

  •  Peggi:  Glen Oaks (Queens), New York
  • Bruce:  Milwaukee (St. Joseph Hospital)
Married in (city):  Milwaukee         What year?: 1973
Three daughters: 
  • Aliza, living in Johannesburg, South Africa, with her husband Hillel and three sons:  Simcha, Avi, and Yisroel Meir
  • Rebecca, living in Boca Raton, FL with her husband Dan and two sons, Jay and Caleb
  • Jessica, living in Glendale, WI with her husband Alex and two daughters, Ariella and Noa
Member of ASKT since:   A couple of months after Kehillat Torah was founded
ASKT roles/committees:
  • Peggi: Board Secretary,  Board member, annual event chair multiple times, Mishloach Manot co-chair for about 15 years, planning holiday activities, hospitality committee chair, newsletter editor, and various other committees and roles
  • Bruce:  President, vice president many many years, Budget & Finance committee chair, fundraising chair for annual event, photographer and organizer of photo archives, various other committees and roles
  • Peggi:  bicycling, reading, travel, knitting
  • Bruce:  bicycling, travel, reading, eating
  • Peggi:  reading teacher, advertising director 
  • Bruce:  CPA, lawyer, business owner, business adviser, real estate investor
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