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Nach Yomi (Daily Neviim and Ketuvim - Prophets and Writings )

Join the Nach Yomi program in which one chapter is learned of the Prophets and Writings every day and the entire Nach (Neviim and Ketuvim - Prophets and Writings) is completed in two years.  Each one of the following presentations by Rabbi Kalmar contain a brief summary of the chapter and a bit of inspiration from that chapter.

Samuel I (February 24 - March 31, 2020)

Samuel I - Chapter 13 - “Subverting our Logic to the Will of the Almighty"

Samuel I - Chapter 14 - “Virtue of Patience”

Samuel I - Chapter 23 - "God's Salvation Comes in the Blink of an Eye”

Judges (Feb. 2 - February 23, 2020)

Judges 1: “Sharing the Glory”

Judges 2: “Crying’s All Right”

Judges 3: “What the Success of the Jewish People Depends Upon”

Judges 4: “Humility in the face of Greatness”

Judges 5: “Seize the Moment!”

Judges 6: “God will be on your side “

Judges 7: “Spreading the Credit”

Judges 8: “Speak Softly and Change War into Peace”

Judges 9: “What Goes Around....”

Judges 10: “Even if the Sword is on your neck”

Judges 11: “Be Willing to Walk Back What You Said”

Judges 12: “Ego vs Ego”

Judges 13: “Service is Strength"

Judges 14: “Guarding Our Eyes”

Judges 15: “Calling Out to God in Distress”

Judges 16: "Truth Will Out”

Judges 17: “The Power of Hospitality"

Judges 18:  “Shame - Be Careful with it!”

Judges 19: “The Destructive Power of Anger and Fear”

Joshua 1-24 (Jan 9th - February 1st, 2020)

Joshua (Yehoshua) 1: “Be Strong and of Good Courage!” 

Joshua (Yehoshua) 2: “No Matter Where You Are Now...”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 3: “Be the Ark of the Lord!”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 4: "The Torah Carries Us”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 5: "Self-Sacrifice Then and Today”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 6: "The Key to Success - Faith in God”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 7: “Never give up on yourself!”:

Joshua (Yehoshua) 8: “Image of God even in the Worst of Men”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 9: “Sharing that -There IS fear of God in Israel”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 10: “Looking Out for Everyone"

Joshua (Yehoshua) 11: “Not by our Strength and Military Might”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 12: “Servant of the Lord - Changing Our Perspective”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 13: “We are all Levi”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 14: “Speaking Truth to Power”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 15: “He will execute judgment for the quiet”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 16: “Compromise”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 17: “Making the Most of What You Have”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 18: “Why we have Israel”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 19: “Highlighting our Strengths - Curbing our weaknesses”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 20: “Not In My Lifetime”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 21: “Timing is Everything”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 22: “Talk it Out”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 23: “Everyone can Cling to God”

Joshua (Yehoshua) 24: “Fair Weather Jews?”

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784